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Top 35 Startups in Tech that TechCrunch missed out on – May 2012

Top 35 Startups in Tech that TechCrunch missed out on – May 2012

Each month, thousands of great startups signup to looking for feedback, industry insight and connections to potential experts. In this month’s recap of our popular Top 35 series, we’ve found some more epic gems. These are the Top 35 Startups in Tech that TechCrunch missed out on – May 2012 edition.

1. BetaPunch


BetaPunch aims to improve the quality and the way in which startups receive feedback. Startups get feedback from beta testers via recorded screen casts. Startups are given unique code to embed a widget in their own website that allows users to activate a screen recorder. We make it easy to customize an incentive within the widget to entice users to conduct a beta test. Once a beta test is uploaded it gets sent directly to the startup page for them to review.

2. Gijit


Gijit makes using calendars painless, useful and insightful. It provides insight into your next 48 hours, showing you everything you need to know about your schedule. It will let you know who you’re meeting, where you’re meeting them and things nearby—all within your Google Calendar.

3. GoClapp


GoClapp is a web platform where you can get top paid apps for free only by trying out our promoted apps. We help users to get more apps without spending a dime and we help developers to get more than just downloads and installs, but actual undivided attention with each new user.

Friend us on Facebook here.

4. ShakeBee


ShakeBee is a mobile messenger app to help people to communicate discreetly through a new kind of human-mobile interaction. ShakeBee is a tool for texting without typing or dictating, and it’s FREE from iTunes!

5. SmashRun


Smashrun is a web-based analytics platform for runners that uncovers interesting correlations between training habits and performance over time. The result is a series of dashboards that makes it easy to see how you’re improving over time. And, because Smashrun is always looking for ways to help you stay consistent with your running, it also has training badges that serve as milestones for running achievements and ranks users against their chosen peers in real time.

Smashrun is currently a free service that imports Nike+ data and allows manual run entry. We’re currently working on multiple device and mobile app integration and are in the process of designing our next generation of charts and graphs.

6. SyncMonkey


SynkMonkey is a new mobile calendar invite app that helps active smartphone users efficiently schedule plans with friends, family and colleagues by combining three essential features of the phone – Calendars + Mapping + Messaging – into a one-stop automatic app to reduce a multi-step process to one step.

Events automatically populate the user’s preferred calendar with instant updates and set reminder alerts. SynkMonkey addresses the limitations of the most popular plan making methods (email, texting, etc.), facilitating and organizing people’s social interactions.

7. TestMyMarketing


Test My Marketing takes your marketing and presents it to industry specific experts around the country who then review, critique, and often rewrite your copy or rearrange your graphics to better deliver your message to your audience. You’ll receive no fewer than three Expert Reviews for only $59, all delivered securely online and in real-time for you to use now.

8. Quantum Startup

Quantum Startup
Quantum Startup uses a connected network of Twitter influencers to help boost your message and get feedback.

9. RivalMetrics


Rival Metrics makes it easy for you to keep tabs on your competitors. Just enter each company’s Twitter handle, and we’ll do the rest: continually collect information on your competitors, show you what we found to be the most relevant and popular, and annotate the data so you can quickly reference it when you need it.

10. DudePins


Dudepins is a website to discover and share the coolest stuff for dudes. Our site is dedicated to sharing what we deem male oriented content, although we don’t exclude women (we judge content not people).

We, as Dudes, feel that having a social image sharing service, strictly created, developed, and geared towards dudes, men, sirs, gentleman, males, dukes and all the other men of honor, is absolutely essential.Dudes like sharing stuff and we know that, so we are trying our darn hardest to build a suitable community for men that addresses that need. It’s our greatest goal to grow Dudepins around the wants and needs of our users.

On that note, Man up. Sign up. Pin up and request a Dudepins Beta invite today.

11. TTag


T-Tag is the most convenient long-distance service on the market allowing users to make calls from any mobile phone without a need to install a mobile app or dial complex international phone numbers. Create T-Tags for each of your international contacts and call them just like dialing your next-door neighbor at T-Tag’s super low rates. Earn 10% Talktime Bonus for every minute of conversation you have using T-Tags and get $10 Referral Bonus for every friend you refer.

12. WeLink


WeLink is a ‘Social Backend as a Service’ platform for mobile and web. WeLink’s plug and play API technology instantly creates a social backend for both mobile and web. With 15 minutes and 10 lines of code, we can transform any boring app into a socially-connected, location-aware beast. More details can be found here.

13. Zamp


Zamp is changing the way people trot the globe by introducing fellow travelers, providing accurate information and expert tips from frequent travelers, and giving service providers immediate, valuable feedback from their most important and influential customers.

14. Crystal Commerce


The CrystalCommerce service is the go-to source for technology, innovative solutions, and communities for Game and Hobby retailers. Our services focus on adding value to our client’s direct sales; in-store and online operations, marketplace integrations, real-time inventory management, and profitable growth management.

15. American Yogini

American Yogini

American Yogini is devoted to supporting and enriching the lives of today’s evolving and conscious individuals. Our community of cleansing, sustainable lifestyle and raw food experts are committed to teaching, guiding and inspiring our customers with workshops, private coaching, tips and products that make each day more meaningful, integrated and beautiful and thus empowering us all to become more connected to others, to nature and to our own true selves.

16. Get Me Gone

Get Me Gone is a better way of finding holidays and accommodation. Signup now!

17. Be Superhero


Everyone is willing to do good things if it’s fun, and if they aren’t alone. is a place where you can share your good deeds with your friends and with the superhero community. For each good deed you gain points, earn superpowers and badges.

Making good deeds fun!

18. Bride Book


Bride Book is a hassle free wedding planning site for brides.

We offer all the tools she needs to plan her wedding whilst automatically and intelligently matching with relevant suppliers based on her profile.

19. Bizodo


Bizodo is an online form builder that lets anyone easily COLLECT and MANAGE info online. Users can in seconds create beautiful feedback forms, surveys, applications, event registrations or custom forms. Bizodo was awarded the Best Small Biz Web App of 2012 by PC Magazine but also has Fortune 500 companies taking advantage of the ease and power of the Bizodo platform.

We’ve just added a paperwork automation tool where users can map data collected via an online form to an existing pdf so that upon a submission the paperwork will automatically be completed and sync with the cloud. Bizodo also offers additional biz tools such as email marketing, entry tracking, task creation and cloud storage within our platform to allow users to manage the info they collect from one easy to use suite.


uencounterme is a Virtual Pin Map that is social! Paper and tack pin maps have been used for decades to track travel, customers, members, locations of personal interest, etcetera. brings this concept to the web and uses the geo-location platform to allow all of these and more. The social element of uencounter encourages expression of gratitude and inquires for interactions we experience where only time and place are common denominators as well as offering a venue to exchange information on shared interests. We are a boot-strapped, small team of dedicated entrepreneurs who have a passion for delivering what our users want and are motivated by the engagement of the community.

21. Cleeqa

Cleeqa is a place for your clique of close friends to share life just like it is, privately!

22. Proresource


ProResource helps business owners, professionals and executives meet people online and build relationships that help them grow their business. You get a social media marketing assistant who introduces you to the people you want to meet and stays in touch with them, making sure they get the information they need to become comfortable with your business.

23. PadProof

PadProof is a photo proofing app for the moments that matter, built to go anywhere you do.

Preview, share and purchase your photos from your photographer with the swipe of a finger.

24. MoPix


MoPix provides content creators (from studios with a library of films to everyday content creators) with a toolset for quickly and easily assembling their video and related content into an app.

25. NewsFolio


NewsFolio is a news reader with powerful search features that save you time and help you follow your favorite topics.

NewsFolio automates the process of finding interesting articles in your subscribed feeds so you spend less time searching and more time reading. Setting up the search automation is very easy. Just provide a few keywords and NewsFolio is ready to go. NewsFolio’s search features, super-fast sync with Google Reader, and integration with services like Evernote and Instapaper make following your favorite topics and news a snap!

26. ShareMagnet


ShareMagnet aims to bring consumers together through common interests, and reward them for sharing the things they like.

“Word of mouth” remains the most effective form of recommendation, so we want to encourage people to share the things they enjoy with their friends and family.

27. Reviews42

Reviews 42 allows consumers anywhere in the world to read credible reviews and be an informed buyer.

28. LifeCellar

LifeCellar is a cloud based life management and personal finance solution for consumers. We provide our users with an easy way to manage their most important documents intelligently – anywhere anytime.

Our organizational system to manage structured and unstructured data (Life Taxonomy), advanced sharing & control (Circle of Trust), and interactive notification and alerts product (Life Minders) keeps our users one step ahead to lead their lives with a peace of mind.

29. Dreamly


Dreamly is a new social platform that helps unlock your potential through the power of Collaborative Achievement. It is the most effective and affordable solution for people who are serious about achieving major life goals and having fun along the way. Get focused, get support and get dreaming!

Dreamly launches to private beta this summer and we are giving priority access to the first 500 StartupPlays customers who request an invite. Just email and write “StartupPlays” in the subject line.


sipwithme believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to drink great wine and to have wine experiences that are fun and entertaining.

We’re creating personal and engaging wine experiences for a new generation of wine drinkers. We offer custom wine clubs based on your unique lifestyle and interests.

Wine clubs used to be all about showing off wines from a certain vineyard or wine shop. To be honest, we think that’s a little silly. Because – really – what does that have to do with you? Wine should be about the best parts of life. Your life. And that’s exactly what we plan to send you.

31. Crowdvert


Crowdvert gives you fresh A/B testing ideas from our team of expert optimizers. You get new ideas to test and fees are tied to performance because we know each dollar you spend needs to be tied to results.

It’s like having your own team of conversion rate experts!

32. Mobiist


Mobiist makes it easy and simple to build your own mobile website in 10 minutes!

33. Tiwiii


Tiwiii is a tv show discovery platform which allows you to share your favorite shows with your friends as well as keep up to date on the shows you’re currently watching. You can add shows to your favorite’s list and watch list. The favorites list would be up on your profile page to show to your friends in all it’s glory. The watch list helps generate a schedule of the shows so you never miss out.

The combination of the watch list and favorites list helps you discover people with similar tastes in turn generating recommendations for you. Liking a show is basically the equivalent of rating shows on tiwiii.

34. CrowdSend


Crowdsend is organizing what’s insidethe world’s images. Identify objects within images all around the web and finally make them useful. It’s awesome & free.

35. WealthLift

WealthLift is the best free way to learn how to invest. It’s free, fun and interactive investment education through interactive videos and articles, a community of experts and your own friends.


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