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Top 35 Startups In Tech that TechCrunch missed out on – November 2012

Top 35 Startups In Tech that TechCrunch missed out on – November 2012

There’s no feeling that’s quite as electrifying as launching a product and watching people genuinely enjoy using it and wanting it to get better. Here are the Top 35 Startups In Tech that TechCrunch missed out on – November 2012… They’ve all worked hard to build something that you’ll love using, so check ‘em out!


1. Hypegram


Hypegram is a beautifully designed, simple and functional Mac and Windows desktop application for Hype Machine. Discover and listen to the best music on the planet with our Popular, Latest and Twitter playlists, or search for your favourite tracks. Hype Machine handpicks a set of incredible music blogs which offer the most amazing music and commentary anywhere in the world. Hypegram is the best way to experience the world’s greatest new music. Follow Hypegram on Twitter for all the latest updates.

2. Thetaboard



Thetaboard is a web-based application that allows teams and organizations to manage projects and collaborate in real-time. Users create project boards containing individual tasks or “cards” which are grouped into columns. Cards can be enriched with comments, checklists, color-coded labels, images and files. Most importantly, all changes to your board are reflected in your teamates’ boards in real-time. ThetaBoard is highly customizable and offers a free plan suitable for most teams.

3. Trendslide


Trendslide is a mobile dashboard app that goes beyond just reporting. Get your key business insight right in the palm of your hand and receive proactive insight and notifications into trends that require your attention.

Easily share metrics to kick-off team discussion and stop getting tied up in discussions in meetings. There’s no large software to roll-out or installation to be done, simply download the iOS app and get insight into your business in 2 minutes.

4. Perch


Perch is the first hands-free video communication app designed to bring you closer to your family regardless of where you are. Using ambient video to help you take back the moments you used to miss, Perch is the easiest way to stay connected with your family.

5. TweetBest


TweetBest is a Twitter client with additional feature that allows you to see the most interesting tweets at the top of your timeline. If you are tired of reading what your friends had for dinner, but still care about the important events in their life, than TweetBest is for you! You can train it to both filter the “I don’t care” tweets and order your timeline, showing the most interesting posts first.

6. pixelplant


pixelplant is an online service which converts your SWF and FLA files to HTML5. We support SWF up until 11 and ActionScript 2 and 3. Since converting Flash to HTML5 sometimes requires manual work (such as porting your events to touch) we don’t only convert your content but take the extra step to get it to run well on for instance the iPad. pixelplant is the only service out there which helps you to migrate your content to HTML5 with professional service and human contact included.

7. Tokens


Tokens for Mac makes it super easy for developers to generate, share, and track promo codes for their iOS and Mac apps. Generate a code with a single click instead of the laborious process of wrangling iTunes Connect developers are accustomed to. Automatically generated tokn.coURLs make promo codes a snap to share and the recipient can redeem the code in one click. Tokens makes developer’s precious promo codes go further: as well as monitoring whether a promo code has been redeemed, it highlights how many days are left until it expires, allowing developers to identify and reuse unredeemed tokens.

8. Fastgrab


Fastgrab is the easiest way to pickup your meal. Order from local restaurants and pay from your phone. It’s ready when you arrive at no additional charge. Fastgrab connects restaurants and their customers through its proprietary two-way communication platform. It also allows restaurants to better know their customers and reward them with instant cash rebates.

Fastgrab is currently based in Montreal and will be rapidly expanding to other cities in US and Canada – stay tuned.

9. Chromeskel


Chromeskel is the first in a series of skeleton extensions for Google Chrome and Chrome OS which you can download, install, edit, and run right out of the box. It encourages diving right into development by helping you skip common bootstrapping in one fell swoop. It contains some popular libraries, default settings files and sample scripts you can edit as soon as you unarchive the package, as well as sample icons in all preferred sizes.

10. HeyCrowd


Heycrowd is an innovative survey platform. Use the free iPhone & iPad app to ask questions to the crowd and vote on an addictive stream of polls to compare their opinions with others. Businesses can create more sophisticated surveys on a simple and well designed web interface. Those surveys can then be promoted on the app to get more responses and do quick market research.

11. Captivate allows you to sync interactive applications with your videos in a few simple steps. Associate them with key points along the way, share the whole experience and we measure engagement. Captivate accounts are 100% free to get started. New accounts allow for three videos to be saved, and no Credit Card is needed.

12. Inky


Inky saves you time by displaying all your email messages in one place sorted by relevance. As soon as you sign in for the first time, Inky goes to work figuring out what mail is important to you and helps you find it by placing it above all the other clutter. Inky is customizable and can sort and filter by all the usual criteria as well.

13. Mixee Me

Mixee Me

Mixee Me enables you to create your own army of 3d printed figuirines–for yourself or as gifts to your friends and family. Pick from a variety of body types, eyes, shirts, and other features, and we’ll 3d print your character for $25. We believe that 3D Printing should be accessible to everybody regardless of expertise. If you can use Wii Mii, you can design a 3d printed figurine!

14. Auctionful


Auctionful makes it super simple to run an auction anywhere. Just embed our auction widget in your blog, Facebook page or e-commerce store, and you are all set. Get analytics as auctions unfold and engage with your bidders. Our payment system minimises bid fraud making sure that you get paid for the winning bid. We have a lot of ideas on how we can bring back the fun in auctions and we are only just getting started.

15. Biletu


Biletu is a new way to organize and pay for events between friends. Planning a weekend at the beach with your friends? With Biletu, you can create the trip and tag your friends. During the weekend, everybody can add expenses (like gas, drinks, tolls.. ) with photos, location, and audio. At the end of the trip, a request will be sent out which will allow everybody to settle his or her expenses. Payments can be made easily through Dwolla or PayPal.

16. YaSound


YaSound is a website and a free iPhone application where you can listen to thousands of internet radio stations, share what you are listening to with your friends, and set up your own radio station easily, legally and free of charge ! With a very simple user interface, the service is a pleasure to use.

17. Goals For Giving


Goals For Giving is a new online charity fundraising application that brings ties together your activity and training through to your fundraising page via your social networks. By sharing your morning runs, weekend bike rides or late night swims, your friends and family can sponsor them and motivate you to train harder. We unite your favourite training apps like RunKeeper with popular fundraising applications like JustGiving, Virgin Money Giving and us! Join us to raise money while you train!

18. Sidengo


Sidengo is the easiest way to create a great website. With Sidengo’s stunning templates and easy-to-use site builder, anyone can create a beautiful looking site in a matter of minutes without any coding or design skills. What’s also special about Sidengo is that your site can be embedded as a widget in other sites, it can be integrated with your Facebook Page, and it can be added to iPhone/iPad homescreens as a web-app with your own app icon.

19. Racer Signup


Racer Signup provides online race registration for running races and endurance sports. Most race registration is awful. RacerSignup strives to make it simple and quick for runners and athletes to register for races. With over 50 million runners in the U.S. and 14 million finishers in U.S. running races for 2011 alone, stands to make a huge impact on an ever growing sport.

20. ObjectiveCloud


ObjectiveCloud allows you to use your existing Objective-C code and run it in the cloud. Developers simply upload their app and we take care of everything else: Scaling, security, availability and monitoring. Developers can communicate with their cloud apps via HTTP and even expose these HTTP services to the public. Objective Cloud targets small and big developers. Prices start at $9 per month.

21. Workshift


Workshift is an agile project and task management for individuals, companies and teams. Signup for access to the beta now.


beezme is a new way for individuals and teams to handle their daily business communication and collaboration in a cloud-based social and mobile environment.

23. Snowcast


Snowcast uses your location to return a list of resorts that are nearby. Using a clean and simple interface, the app will tell you only the information you need to know, so you can be on your way.

24. CollegeFrog


CollegeFrog helps firms hire better intern and grad talent at a lower cost with a full-service app that automates many steps in the recruitment workflow, including marketing to candidates, matching clients to candidates and organizing  applicants.  CollegeFrog is currently in beta and focusing on the accounting industry.

25. Memorability


Momorability is an easy way for family & friends to see, hear, and share their stories by creating stylish multimedia photo books on their iPad.

Just choose an album theme, select your photos, then drag & drop your photos into the stylish, professionally-designed page layouts. Add narrative voice-overs and text to tell your story – not just show your photos. Share your photo books to your friends’ Memorability stream or on Facebook; and see all your friends’ latest albums in one convenient feed.

26. Static


Static allows content creators to keep up with how well their content is doing in their favorite social channels. Just published a blog post? How much traffic did you get as a result? How many new followers did you gain on Twitter? Instead of hopping back and forth between apps you can see your most important social stats from one screen. Static is an easy to use, beautiful display for monitoring the pulse of your social media accounts.

27. SupportDuck


SupportDuck is a online support chat system that we have made free for everyone. You can customize the chat box, see statistics and everything completely free. we don’t show our logo on your chat box!

28. LaunchKey


LaunchKey let’s you say goodbye to passwords with physical user authentication on your smartphone.

29. IconBench


Iconbenchis webapplication where you easy can style icons and choose which ones you want to download. At the moment iconbench has more than 5 different iconsets with more than 700 different icons for you to choose by each iconset.

30. Postmaster


Postmaster takes the pain out of sending shipments via UPS, Fedex, and USPS. Ship packages, track packages, and validate addresses easily.

31. Awesomatic


Awesomatic is a modern take on the chat room. Take a look at how we’ve done it.

32. Bit Chest


Bit-Chest is the simplest and easiest service for storing files for a very long time.

33. Original


Original is a revolutionary new way to share your work. shows projects and examples, is real-time and highly social, and recognizes that reputation, not affiliation, is now the key driver of a person’s success.

34. Periscope


Periscope merges business data from many data sources — ads, databases, billing, email, etc. — automatically and instantaneously.

35. Eyedrop


Eyedrop is the best app to find swatches from your favorite websites! Get the app for iOS here.


If you have a startup, know a startup, or like supporting new startups that should be covered here, leave a comment with the URL and contact info below!


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